How to nail an open house inspection

How to nail

Mildura’s property market has continued its strong performance in April, May and June, with demand continuing to outpace supply. Upgraders, investors, and first home buyers are feeling confident and are out in force. To compete, motivated buyers are having to move quickly soon after the first or second open house, and we are seeing well-presented […]

Overcapitalising – What is it and How to avoid it.

Overcapitalising – What Is It And How To Avoid It.

Are you considering renovating or extending your home? Or are you looking to freshen up your home prior to sale? Either way, you need to be aware of overcapitalising on your property and how to avoid it.  What is overcapitalising? Overcapitalising is when an owner invests money into a property – on the initial purchase […]

Investing in your selling property? Here’s what you need to know!

Investing in your selling property? Here’s what you need to know!

Have you ever worried about the risk of over capitalising your home? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Often, home improvers worry about investing more into their renovations then they’ll ever make back for the property when it comes time to sell. Renovations are intended to make your property more attractive, comfortable and valuable. Unfortunately, it’s […]

Getting your open house inspection right.


Effectively presenting your property is the key to maximising your sales price. It all comes down to presentation and first impressions for buyers will last. During a sales campaign there is a lot to consider, however impressing buyers early within the campaign is critical; especially within a rapidly moving market.  We are currently experiencing a […]

Why now is a great time to sell.

why now is a great time to sell

With demand currently vastly outstripping supply, now is a great time to sell your property. Prices in some local areas have risen by more than 18% in the past 12 months as cashed-up buyers fleeing the city, head for regional Victoria with dreams of permanently working from home.  With interest rates just above zero – […]

Selling in Spring!


Can you believe it? We’re already approaching October which means now is the best time to sell! The days are longer again, we see the sun more often and people are generally much more positive and happier. Spring is the perfect time to sell and we’re telling you how. Especially in 2020, many people are […]