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Mark Thornton is committed to delivering the very best service to each and every one of his Mildura clients. 

In fact, he has managed to impress them so much this year he was awarded multiple prestigious awards including Regional Sales Agent of the Year 2020 – that wasn’t an accident!

If you’d like to know what your property is worth, or perhaps you just want to have a chat about the risk of over capitalising your home – get in touch with Mark. 

Savvy Sellers Guide

savvy sellers

We know that selling your home is more than just putting a ‘house’ on the market, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. It’s a big step that comes with a to do list a mile long, making it an often challenging and overwhelming time.

Don’t panic!

These days there’s so many resources available you might find the biggest challenge is deciding who to listen to and what to read. That’s why I’ve created this comprehensive sellers guide to help you.

It’s been specifically written with you, the seller in mind – to help you navigate the journey as easily as possible.

Go to market with confidence, knowing the costs involved, how to make the most of your property, how to team up with a great agent and how to maximise your sale price. It’s all here to help you sell better, smarter and faster.

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